Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open rain or shine?

Yes!  Please be prepared for all outdoor conditions. 🙂

Have the grounds been sprayed for ticks?

We spray selective areas for ticks.  However, we are outdoors in East Tennessee, so please be prepared.  We do have bug spray and sun screen available at the first aid tent.

What has your attendance been? 

Our daytime Medieval and Pirate festival patron “gate” attendance has historically ranged from 100-1500/day, depending on weather.  In 2023, our Pirate Fest 5-day patron “gate” totaled 3059, averaging 612/day; and our Medieval Faire 6-day patron “gate” totaled 8240, averaging 1373/day.  We also have 100-150 participants each day working to put on the show (stage acts, street characters, vendors, staff) who also buy food, beverages, crafts, and games.  

Are you accepting vending applications for 2024?  

Yes.  We ramp up one show at a time.  For the online application click this link: Vendors.   We do accept applications after the deadline if there is enough room in your category (medium).  For vending questions, contact or (865) 466-1902.

If I were a vendor for a previous show, do I have to re-apply?  

Yes, all vendors need to apply, so we maintain current contact info, product quality and diversity, and keep vendors who work well with the show.

What if I’m part of a stage act, want to be a street character, or my community group wants to work the show as a fundraiser?

Hello!  Please contact

Do you have online ticket sales?  

We do!  Here is the link:  Tickets   Patrons will also be able to buy entrance and beverage tickets for cash or credit a the ticket house on show days.

Do you have group rates? 

Yes, for 10 or more entrance tickets in a single transaction.  Online sales only.  Tickets

Is the Faire handicap accessible? 

We have handicap parking at the entrance and we have handicap port-o-lets.  So, in that way the festival is handicap accessible.  However the grounds are 8 acres of rustic outdoor park (previously a forest and brush dump) to make a rustic-styled village.   There are no concrete, paved, or graveled walkways; we mostly have grass. Because we are in East Tennessee, there is a rolling topography.  We are working hard to create a good experience for everyone, but the grounds are more like a rugged hiking trail and not a paved theme park.

How much money should I bring to the Faire? 

There is no ATM onsite.  Tickets include all taxes and fees.  Entrance tickets are $20 for adults (ages 13+) and $10 for children (ages 5-12).  Festival drink tickets can be purchased in one dollar increments at the entrance (with cash or credit) and inside a the ticket hut (with cash); or you can pay for drinks with exact change.  Food and craft vendors are separate businesses–and accept cash and credit.  Food ranges from about $10 – $20 for a major item.  For crafts, each vendor will have a price range for times.  Small items $5 – $20, necklaces $25 and up, and it goes up from there.  So, you could spend a little, or a lot.  Plus, if you like an actor or an act, the touring acts are permitted to sell merchandise and ask for tips. 

Do I have to wear a costume?  

You do not have to wear a costume.  However, wearing  a costume can add to the fun.  We also have a patron costume contest once a day, where the winner is based on audience applause.    

Can I come as a fantasy creature (fairy)?  

Yes, patrons may come dressed as they wish, as long as the costume is family- friendly.

Can I wear a sword or dagger? 

We do not allow ammo, loaded guns or cannons, even with a carry permit (unless you are authorized festival security.)  However, we allow stage (dull) bladed metal weapons if they are sheathed and zip-tied so the blade cannot be removed.  Foam weapons are allowed. However, NO sharp or exposed blades, unchoreographed or play “fights” by patrons are allowed with any weapon (unarmed, sticks, wooded swords, whips….).  Our motto is “Safety First!” 

Are there other rules about attire?  

Please dress in a family-friendly manner.  Footwear is required, and closed-toe shoes and boots are recommended.

Can I bring my pet? 

We allow service animals only.  Please leave all other animal friend(s) at home (not in the car).  Not all pets like each other, and some do not like other people.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and be safe at our Faire.

Do you have camping facilities for patrons?  

No, our campground is small and for approved vendors and actors only.  However, there are camping facilities in the county; please visit:  

What if I need to go to my car during the show and want to come back in? 

Go to the entrance or exit gate and get your hand stamped by the attendant.  Exit, then come back in through the exit gate and show your stamped hand to the attendant.  The stamp changes each show day, so patrons much have the correct stamp for that day to get in the exit gate.  

Are there diaper changing facilities available? 

The Faire has handicap privies (port-o-lets) for facilities.  However, there is not an official baby changing station within the gates.  Parents can find a quiet, out-of-the-way spot or to their car, they are to get their hand stamped at the exit gate, and re-enter at the exit by showing their stamp.

Can I bring in my own food and drinks? 

No.  Our vendors make their living by selling food and drinks and we want to support them.  We do have free water at the Info/First Aid booth.  However, if you have a medical condition or are caring for a baby, you can bring in what you need.  Just alert the attendant and have them contact senior management if there are questions or issues. 

Do you serve alcohol? 

Yes, we serve malt-based adult beverages (such as beer and hard lemonade) at the TN state alcohol level (10% by volume, 8% by weight).  However, you must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid photo ID with you.  You will be asked at the ticket house or beer tent if you would like a free wristband so you do not have to be carded each time.  Please note: Patrons cannot enter the grounds intoxicated; we strive to not over-serve; patrons cannot purchase more than one alcoholic beverage at a time and you cannot purchase beverages for another (unless the other person(s) are present and carded); and patrons will be asked to leave the show if they become disruptive.  This is a family-friendly show and we want all guests to have a great time.

What if someone has a medical emergency at the show? 

If you or you see someone having an issue, immediately alert our staff and come to our info/first aid booth (if possible).  We have water, ice, first aid, bug spray, and shade.  If needed, an ambulance will be called.  

Do you have a Lost and Found?

Yes!  Please check the info/first aid/lost and found station inside the festival for misplaced items.  After the show, please contact us with a description and we will work to reunite you with your item(s):  or c: (865) 466-1902.

Do you have School Days, Field Trips, or School Promotions? 

We do not have the festival open on a work/school day.  However, we encourage children studying The Middle Ages to come with their families to the festival.  We have a school discount and on occasion (time and actors available) we come to schools to promote our show.  If you are a teacher, please contact for more information.

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