Jousting knight

The Royal Joust

Equus Nobilis
Field of Honour

Enjoy 3 progressive jousts a day, filled with games, intrigue, and skill.  Cheer on your favorite knight!

Equus Nobilis (

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Combat Chess

Combat Chess

Royal Players
Field of Honour

Watch a chess game where the pieces ARE the people, who fight to take over the squares.  Chieftain Horsa of the Nordic Invaders has challenged the young King Arthur of Britain to battle.  Who will win!?  

Photo: Trent Eades

Tony the Tosser

Comedy Trick Show
Harbour Stage

Tony the Tosser has been yelling and throwing things since he was 16 years old. His international award winning comedy and stunt act takes him all over the continent, including right here to the Tennessee Medieval Faire.

Photo: Trent Eades

The CrossJacks

Celtic Music
Oct 7-8, 15, 21-22

Hailing from various ports of call in East Tennessee, the Crossjacks deliver musical festival favorites.  Their self-titled debut album was released in July 2020.  The Crossjacks are Mark Dudek (vocals/guitar), Dawn Cunningham (violin) and Reagan De Busk (flute/bodhran/mandolin).

Thunder & Spice

Celtic Music
Oct 14 Only

Based out of Raleigh, NC, Thunder & Spice share traditional Celtic, Renaissance, Seafaring, and folk music with haunting vocal harmonies, diverse acoustic instrumentation and theatrical flair.  They also invite the audience to play along, so be ready to sing a chorus, clap a rhythm and shout back, too.

Kris Colt - The Black Rose

Celtic Music
Pig & Whistle Pub

Kris Colt reveals her past incarnation from the time of her ancestors in Scotland Ireland, England, and Wales as the song bird Black Rose. She is a modern bard, with a lyrical singing style who passionately performs songs of both original and ancient origin. Kris has been on the boards as a performer her entire life in professional musical theatre and especially enjoys her time with her Celtic folk rock act Kris Colt and The Black Rose Band.

Medieval Knight

Society of Creative Anachronism

Sparring Demonstrations
Oct 7-8 Only

Come see Medieval warriors test their fighting prowess in unchoreographed fighting demonstrations.  Want to be a Medieval re-enactor? Ask about joining the SCA.  Find the regional chapter near you!

The Yarn Julius

Interactive Children's Show
Oct 14-15, 21-22 Only

The Yarn Julius is a family-friendly, entertainment experience.  Whether facing a dragon or a modified version of classic tales, the Yarn Julius (with a plethora of handmade crocheted props) encourages audiences to live the adventure with him.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll never want to leave.
Barn Owl Bard

Barn Owl Bard

Storytelling Puppet Show
Saturdays, Oct 7, 14, 21 Only

Now hear ye!  This be a summons to all youngins, and to all ye who be young at heart.  Come feast thine ears and eyes on a mesmerizing Tale of the Barn Owl Bard, served with flamboyant enthusiasm by none other than the Swiss Bard himself, the author and storyteller, Timothy Swiss.  Come one, come all!

Tanasi Fusion

Tanasi Fusion

Fusion Dance
Oct 7-8 Only

New!  Tanasi Fusion is a Tribal Fusion Bellydance Troupe from Chattanooga, TN.  They specialize in a modern form of belly dance, fusing American tribal style belly dance with elements of cabaret, Egyptian, folkloric, and classic dance styles.  Come cheer them on and enjoy their moves!

The Tortuga Twins

Interactive Comedy
Harbour Stage

We’re in the business of funny! Entertaining the masses at Renaissance Festivals, Private Events, Corporate Functions, Birthday Parties and…our stage shows.  The Tortuga Twins bring the ENTERTAINMENT anywhere!

Aristotle Simplified

Interactive Improv Comedy
Oct 14-15, 21-22 Only

Einstein “Aristotle” Simplified is Knoxville’s longest running comedy improvisational troupe (since August 1994).  We specialize in short form improv games, driven by audience suggestions.  Be funny with us!

Cory Whipple

Acoustic Music
In the Lanes

Enjoy beautiful music in the lanes.

  1. Rich Mountain Celtic (Oct 7)
  2. Catalina the Harpist (Oct 8, 14) is a veteran fair harpist, who recently returned to TN after being immersed in medieval folkloric music for 5 years in Barcelona, Spain.  Catalina shares high vibrations on the folk harp, playing Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic, and original compositions.  Her mystifying tunes are woven together, evoking another realm.
  3. R. Reagan De Busk – Wind and drum
  4. Cory Whipple – Medieval bagpipe (Oct 15, 21-22)

Fairy Tales

Children's Shows
Happy Hollow Stage

Enjoy 2 fairy tales — Rafunzel and The Cheetah and the Sloth.  Same beloved stories, but with a twist.  Add an improv adventure and a visit from Ozzie, the up-side-down puppet, and we hope to entertain the young and young at heart.

Throw Me a Line!

Improv Comedy
Venetian Stage

Enjoy witnessing improv games with hilarious outcomes.  Be part of the show by contributing suggestions (lines) that the actors will use.  No show it alike.  Hilarity ensures!

Royal Variety Show

Newcastle's Got Talent
Venetian Stage

Queen Appolonia and her staff have searched for best talents in Newcastle to entertain King Arthur and Queen Guinevere for their first wedding anniversary.  Enjoy songs, music, dance, and even magic!

Photo by Trent Eades. Background graphic by Carson Hunt.

Tales of Arthur II

The Boy King
Venetian Stage

Enjoy our narrated storybook come to life.  In just one year, young King Arthur has married and united Britain.  He now faces an outside threat — the Nordic invaders!  How will he keep his people safe AND celebrate his first wedding anniversary?  Come and see!

Photo by Trent Eades

Nordic chieftain

Boons, Brags, Bits

Ask the Nordic Invaders!
Venetian Stage

While waiting for the King and Queen to arrive, the Nordic Invaders take the stage.  They are willing to hear your favor (boon).  Or challenge someone to a bragging contest!  Have a funny thing (bit) to share?  Approach the “royals” and ask!  See what they say AND have you do!  No show is alike!

Photo by Trent Eades.  Background graphic by Carson Hunt.