Games & Activities

Throughout the Pirate Village


  • Pirate Olympics (2x a day in Arena)
  • Giant Chess (King 25″ tall)
  • Cornhole
  • Jumbie Jam steel drum
  • Beach Volleyball (May 27, 28, 29)
  • Stocks photo op
  • Costume Contest
  • Volunteer on stage when invited


  • Axe-Throwing
  • Medieval Games (slay the dragon, cannon ball, skittles)
  • Mermaid photo op
  • Captain Red Beard and his PyRat photo op

The Flaming Ginger

Circus Style Trick Show
Harbour Stage 4x a Day

Back by popular demand, the Flaming Ginger brings the laughs.  A high energy, fire danger comedy show that is sure to entertain the whole family.  From juggling torches to a 7ft unicycle and jokes along the way, The Flaming Ginger is someone you and your crew will want to see.​

The CrossJacks

The CrossJacks

Pirate Music - Greater Knoxville
Venetian Stage 4x a Day

The Crossjacks perform the traditional folk music carried by sailors of yore from the Old World to the New, along with contemporary songs of Old World lineage. They are popular performers at pirate, Renaissance, Celtic, Viking and other festivals. Their self-titled debut album was released in July of 2020. Hailing from various ports of call in East Tennessee, The Crossjacks are Mark Dudek (vocals/guitar), Dawn Cunningham (violin) and Reagan De Busk (flute/mandola/ percussion).

The Renaissance Men

Comedy Sword-Fighting Show Harbour Stage 4x a Day
May 27-28-29 Only

NEW!!  The Renaissance Men!!  Join Damascus and Bodrun for an exciting, laugh-packed comedy sword-fighting show!

Punch and Judy

Classic Slapstick Puppet Show
Happy Hollow Stage 4x a Day

Internationally famous, Professor Brent DeWitt, brings you this classic Punch and Judy puppet show.  This fast-paced performance consists of short scenes between two characters, and one usually falls victim to Punch’s slapstick.  “That’s the way you do it!”  

Medieval Knight

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)

Sparring Tournaments
Harbour Stage Area 3x a Day

Enjoy three sparring tournaments near the Harbour Stage (May 20-21 only).

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an inclusive community pursuing research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat and culture. The lives of participants are enriched as we gain knowledge of history through activities, demonstrations, and events.

Lock Morr Music

Loch Morr

Celtic Music
Pub Stage 4x a Day

A musical duo that breathes new life into tunes of old. With violin, guitar and soaring vocal harmonies, Loch Morr will take you on a journey through nature and time.

Patron Costume Contest

Harbour Stage 1x a day

Have a great pirate costume? Enter the costume contest and win a prize! Contestants are grouped by age (4 and under, 5-12, 13+) and winners are based on audience applause.
Gong Show

Pirate Gong Show

Harbour Stage 1x a Day

Have a talent?  Pirates are looking for new crewe with talent for long voyages.  Delight the crowd OR you might get gonged!


Governor's Follies

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville Venetian Stage 1x a Day

Governor Lord Carlisle and his sidekick, Phineas Taylor, bring the best of Port Royal’s local talent to the stage.

Kombat Kroquet

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville
Field of Honour 2x a Day

Port Royal’s genteel croquet turns into Kombat Kroquet when the Spanish invade! Who will win?  Come and see!

Kris Colt
The Black Rose

Pub Stage 4x a Day

Kris Colt reveals her past incarnation from the time of her ancestors in Scotland Ireland, England, and Wales as the song bird Black Rose. She is a modern bard, with a lyrical singing style who passionately performs songs of both original and ancient origin. Kris has been on the boards as a performer her entire life in professional musical theatre and especially enjoys her time with her Celtic folk rock act Kris Colt and The Black Rose Band.

Captain Chester, Defender of the Caribbean

Happy Hollow 2x a day

Our heroic little pig, Captain Chester, takes to the High Seas to rescue the Silly Bunnies from Captain Endicott the Wolf.   Artwork and story by Lars Paulson. 

Throw Me A Line

Venetian Stage 1x a day

Do you like the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Well, join in Port Royal’s own improv show!  See your favorite street characters take your suggestions and make up things on the spot for your amusement!  No show is alike!

Bravura Music Academy

Gazebo 3x a day, May 20-21

Your heart will grown 3 sizes when you hear these classical youth musicians.

Pirate School

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville
1x a Day

Want to be a pirate?  Come to this pirate school and learn how to sing, speak, and adventure like a pirate!  ARRR!

PanEz Steel Drum

Gazebo Stage 4x a Day

Esmond Edwards of the Caribbean will help transport you to Port Royal, Jamaica!

Timothy Russell

Timothy Russell

Gazebo 4x a day (May 27-29)

Feel transported on musical adventures, filled with sentiments of loss and gain.

Captain Henry Morgan

The Plot Thickens!

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville
Venetian Stage 1x a day

NEW!  The year is 1674 in Port Royal, Jamaica.  Notorious privateer, Captain Henry Morgan, was appointed as Lt. Gov. after sacking the Spanish at Panama after the war was over.  All was jolly well until a young Spaniard appeared, seeking revenge. Was that Morgan’s daughter seen with him?  The Plot Thickens!

Trail of Doom! (PG)

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville
7x a Day

Slightly spooky 15-20 minute guided walking tour in the woods.  It’s a pirate version of a Christmas Carol, where Captain Davy Jones or Calypso try to save the wayward soul in their charge; or else they go down to Davy Jones’ locker!

Puppet Adventure

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville
Happy Hollow 2x a day

NEW!  Join Captain Cornelius and his first mate, Hermes, as they go on pirate adventures.  All the misfit toys they find also find a new family!