Pirate Fest Entertainment

Free Games & Activities

Throughout the Pirate Village

  • Giant Chess (King 25″ tall)
  • Cornhole
  • Jumbie Jam steel drum
  • Tether-ball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Pirate Olympics (2x a day in Arena)
  • Stocks photo op

The Tortuga Twins

Interactive Comedy Show (PG)
Globe Stage 4x a Day

Outrageously unpredictable and audaciously hilarious, these three “twins” are improv comedy storytellers extraordinaire. Their special blend of stage comedy and audience participation has been labeled “Funny-Bone-Breaking Humorous.” See the Tortuga Twins twist the legend of Robin Hood into a tale fraught with laughter, frivolity, and a Merry Man or two. https://www.tortugatwins.com/

The CrossJacks

Pirate Music - Greater Knoxville
Venetian Stage 4x a Day

Singing and entertaining pirates! The CrossJacsks are a guitar and fiddle combo from East Tennessee, performing an sea shanties, Irish/Celtic folk, old time fiddle music, and other festival favorites. https://www.facebook.com/crossjacks/

Blackbeard Simplified

Comedy-Improv, Knoxville
Venetian Stage 4x a Day

Einstein Simplified performing as Blackbeard Simplified. These beloved captains of comedy have been entertaining greater Knoxville since 1994. Join them as they take suggestions from the audience and make everything up on the spot for your entertainment! https://www.facebook.com/EinsteinSimplified/

Thunder & Spice

Rousing Celtic & Folk Music
Venetian Stage 4x a Day

This theatrical couple play old-time Renaissance, Celtic, and Folk music, with rousing Sea Chanteys thrown in! Sing and clap along, or just listen as this talented duet tell stories and weave enchantment with their romantic vocal harmonies! They might even teach a round or two. Performing regionally in TN, KY, VA, NC, SC since 2009. http://www.thunderandspice.com

Tom Mason & the Blue Buccaneers

Pirate Music from Nashville
Globe Stage 4x a Day

Meet a wild band of Nashville musicians who dress like pirates and play a rollicking mix of piratical sing-alongs, rousing historical rave-ups, afro-cuban tinged ballads, Cajun sea shanties, and bluesy Irish jigs. https://www.tommason.net/​

Misfit Gypsies

Oct 19-20 Only
Venetian Stage 4x a Day

New! Misfit Gypsies founded in 2002, members Paula Nidiffer and Teresa Thompson, have been sharing their love of Middle Eastern (fusion) dance in the Tri-Cities and surrounding region for over 15 years. Their collaborative efforts with both artistic direction and choreography allows them to offer audiences a truly unique dance experience. Both members teach and perform regularly around the region in venues ranging from intimate cafes to full-scale theater productions and festivals. ​Gypsy Spirit is a “sister troupe” performing with and under the direction of Misfit Gypsies, and accompanies the Misfits at entertainment venues throughout the region. Members Heather Stroup and Christina Stitt bring their unique backgrounds to their performances and love to express their passion for dance. https://www.facebook.com/Misfit-Gypsies-237287961333/ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xmKqYJ_K2Ng

Patron Costume Contest

Venetian Stage 2x a day

Have a great pirate costume? Enter the costume contest and win a prize! Contestants are grouped by age (4 and under, 5-12, 13+) and winners are based on audience applause.

Pirate Gong Show

Venetian Stage 2x a Day

Have a talent? Pirate Captains are looking for new crew with talent for long voyages. Delight the crowd or you might get gonged!

Royal Variety Show

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville
Venetian Stage 1x a Day

The Governor of Port Royale is celebrating his birthday and everyone is invited, including pirates. His fearless staff have enlisted a variety of entertainers that are sure to please him and his guests — YOU!

Combat Croquet

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville
Croquet Area 2x a Day

Upper class British amusement turns into a pirate invasion! Both sides will fight to get what they want! Cheer on your favorite side.

PanEZ Steel Drum

Gazebo 4x a Day

Feel transported to the Caribbean with Esmond Edwards of PanEZ Steel Drum! He’s from the Caribbean island of Antigua, and came to Knoxville for the 1982 World’s Fair. Esmond has performed in many states and even in Okinawah, Japan!

Timothy Russell

Celtic & Adventure Music
Pub -- All Show Days

“Bards” were travelers; lovers; and tellers of news, adventure, and romance. Master Timothy of Chattanooga will share his skills on the guitar, transporting you to a life of love and adventure. You too can right the wrongs, live passionately, and love truly. HUZZAH for the MAGIC of the BARD!

Joey the Juggling Pirate

About Port Royale All Show Days

NEW! Joey the Juggling Pirate has traveled the seven seas collecting weird illusions and mastering exotic feats of skill to the amazement of audiences everywhere! https://www.facebook.com/thejoeyvarner

Black Mash Hollow

Americana & Celtic Music
Townsend, TN
Gazebo 4x a Day

George Kraushaar and Dianne Gruber share a passion for discovering and playing Appalachian fiddle tunes, traditional Old Time, Americana, and Celtic melodies. They play guitar, mandolins, banjo and fiddle in various combinations. Their “front porch” style will take you back to the way music was played before electronics invaded our lives. gruber.d.r@gmail.com

Pirate School

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville
Happy Holly Stage 1-2x a Day

Want to be a pirate? Come to this pirate school and learn how to sing, speak, and dress like a pirate! ARRR!

Captain Chester, Defender of the Caribbean

Royal Players, Greater Knoxville
Happy Hollow Stage 1-2x a Day

NEW story by Lars Paulson. Children of all ages will enjoy these interactive shows.

Pirate Olympics

Croquet Arena 1-3x a day

New! Join in the fun with pirate sports!

Trail of Doom! (PG)

Interactive show 2x after Combat Croquet

New self-guided scavenger hunt with slightly spooky walking tour in the woods (7-10 min). See humorous pirates in their last moments. But are they alive?

Royal Players Ensemble

Greater Knoxville
About Port Royale All Show Days

Interactive, costumed street characters welcome and entertain you in Port Royale in the Tortugas.