TN Medieval Faire 2024

First 3 weekends in Oct 2024

Oct 5-6 • 11a–6p EST

Oct 12-13 • 11a–6p EST

Oct 19-20 • 11a–6p EST

Turkey Legs

Photos by Trent Eades

Robin Hood and Lady Marian

Go back in time and LIVE THE AGE OF CHIVALRY!

The time-period is during the High Middle Ages (1194 AD).  King Richard has gone on Crusade and has left his wicked younger brother, Prince John, to rule until his return.  The Prince has taken advantage of the situation to enrich his own coffers and rules with an iron fist.

The only thorn in Prince John’s side is the outlaw, Robin Hood, who has rallied the people of Nottingham to rebel against John’s tyranny.  The Prince has enlisted the notoriously cruel Sheriff of Nottingham to rout out Robin and his men.

The Sheriff hatches a plan to hold a Faire in Nottingham, guaranteeing safe passage and “amnesty for all.”  Thus, Robin and his men are lured into town. 

The Sheriff realizes he cannot take Robin and his men immediately, as Robin enjoys much love and support from the townsfolk.  The Sheriff’s plan is to catch/lure Robin or his men into trouble.  Thus, both camps are constantly goading each other, creating dramatic tension throughout the Faire day.


Come witness live jousting!  Cheer on your favorite warrior in human combat chess, where the characters ARE the chess pieces and fight to take over the squares.  Come dressed in costume if you wish and enter the costume contest to win a prize.  Play medieval games, laugh with the comedy shows, shop for original crafts, eat delicious food, and drink hot and cold beverages (including beer, ages 21+) FIT FOR A KING! 

Enjoy all day family fun.  LIVE THE AGE OF CHIVARLY! 

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All Day Family Fun!