Pirate Fest 2024

Last 2 weekends in May 2024
(Sat/Sun and Monday of Memorial Day)

May 18-19 • 11a–6p EST

May 25-26-27  •  11a–6p EST


Enter the gates and feel transported to the Age of Piracy!!  

The year is 1679.  The place is Port Royal, Jamaica.  Sir Henry Morgan, aka Captain Morgan, is enjoying being Governor of Jamaica.  His exploits as a British privateer during their war against the Spanish made him a national hero. 

With Port Royal enjoying peace and prosperity, Captain Morgan is hosting a festival.  All are invited — especially YOU!

But trouble looms on the horizon in the form of John Vaughn, third Earl of Carbery, or “Lord Carbery” to his two or three friends.  He brings papers of nobility and seeks to oust Morgan as Governor.  To Carbery’s dismay, his niece, Anne, has fallen for Morgan’s quartermaster, Buck.  The insult!  The outrage!  A duel is in order!  Will it be settled at Kombat Kroquet?  Will love win?  Who will be the next Governor of Port Royal?  Come and find out!

Dress in costume if you wish and enter the costume contest.  Enjoy comedy and musical shows throughout Port Royal.  Strut your stuff to join a pirate crew in the Gong Show.  Learn to talk like a pirate, savvy, in Pirate School.  Play games.  Get your picture taken with a socialite or scallywag.  Shop the merchant village for unique treasures.  Be guided on the Trail of Doom.  Come hungry and thirsty for delicious food and drinks–including beer by order of royal decree.

ARRR you ready for hours of family fun?! (Rated G-PG lite)  Yar, Matey!!!

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Our mission is to seek and train talent; and provide a venue for actors, musicians, and vendors to do what they love.

Our goal is to create the highest quality, live, outdoor entertainment experience for our patrons and participants.

Map of Port Royal

All Day Family Fun!